Concurrency on the JVM

Over the last few months I amused myself with an interesting pursuit. I spoke to a large number of people on the aspect of concurrency. I spoke to ex-colleagues. I spoke to engineers, architects at hackathons/meetups. And I interviewed a large number of senior engineers for a job at my company. I spoke to them about building a highly-concurrent, high-volume, real-time data-aggregation engine. Gave examples of easy, textbookish projects to drive home the requirements. Like a stock trading platform with 1000s of users, 1000s of stocks and 100s of stock-exchanges. Or a IPL ticket bidding site with 1000s of users, many seating categories, many venues etc. And this small article is about my perspectives at the end of it.

Effective Java

I read this beautifully written article a few days ago - "I will not do your tech interview". I can't agree more with the author. Every single time I have had to give/take a technical interview, more than the sense of being inadequately prepared I feel like carrying an inexplicable psychological burden. And I have met no one who does not fear what Ellis beautifully calls as - "bear-trap of a stupid brainteaser" :-).

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