Weekend well spent with JSFoo and NodeJS

Had been to the wonderful JavaScript conference JSFoo last week. The tremendous enthusiasm in the web development community for server side JavaScript was all at display. Personally, I have spent a lot of time coding visualizations with JavaScript. However only recently did I write some tidbits of code with NodeJS. And I hadn't spent any time properly studying it. The conference has spurred me to do better. I started reading NodeJS and working on a small project to create my first non-trivial NodeJS application (which I shall share in this blog). But those details are for a little later… let me start with JSFoo…

The Bleeding Edge Of A Web Application...

Most web applications have the well-known 3-tiered structure - WebTier > ApplicationTier > DataTier. Both WebTier and ApplicationTier have the web-layer to parse the incoming HTTP requests. Its in the WebTier that one deploy's load-balancing L4-routers like Apache/Nginx or Netscaler like appliances. HTTP requests are forwarded by the WebTier to the ApplicationTier which is generally served by a much bigger farm of servers. Web-layer in the ApplicationTier is the focus of this blog. Its a challenging area of software development for the following reasons and more -

Application Topology Graphs - Usecase Different Product Offerings Prototype Using D3 and jsPlumb

Graph depictions are common for problems like computer networks, social networks etc. Sometime ago, I came across the use-case of graphs for software application topologies. This post covers the few things I discovered on the topic of application topologies and their graphical representation.

Build Dojo 1.7/1.8/1.9 with Maven

I have been a Dojo user for many years now. Also use many JavaScript libraries (jQuery, backbone, bootstrap, D3, highsoft) all the while but Dojo is what I really love. I would not embark on any "professional" development work without being armed with Dojo. But I rest my opinions and comparisons of different JS libraries for a different blog. Here the context is to "build" Dojo. After all every professional project should do a build of their JS - compilers like Google Closure can find bugs, obfuscate and eventually make execution faster.

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