Real Time Dashboard with Camel ActiveMQ & Dojo... On JBoss7 and using JMS & WebSocket

I have built real-time 'stock-ticker' like dashboards. There are many ways to build them. Few months ago I had the opportunity to design one freshly again for an enterprise product. I did a quick sweep at the different technology stacks that can be used to build a highly scalable (design/code and performance scalability) real-time dashboard. There are many technologies for real-time in the browser (like BlazeDS) that are either outdated or on their way out. I came across this very interesting presentation, code and blog by Charles Moulliard which I found to be a very exciting design. So I sat down to extend what Charles had done to suit my usecase. I would recommend this nice book by Apress as a good introduction to the subject of WebSockets. But before getting to the real usecase and seeing why use Camel or ActiveMQ, here is a quick primer to the different techniques one could use to build a real-time dashboard.

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