Play2 Application on Wildfly - Why and How

JavaEE (v5 and v6) has a commanding presence in both marketshare and (developer) mindshare in the enterprise software world. The specifications are well thought-out, battle-tested and highly relied upon. I started using JavaEE (v5) way back in 2007 with JBoss 4.x. The latest release, JavaEE-7, which was released close to a year ago brings with itself a lot of worthy changes to the specs and impl. To bring myself up to speed on it I went through few books and attended a conference (JUDCon, Bangalore). But I have also been coding and acquainting myself with Typesafe's Scala reactive stack. These two stacks are bound to compete with each more and more in the coming days. However I feel, they can be used in applications in complementary ways when carefully designed. The competition and challenge to JavaEE-7 stems from two tough requirements -

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