My Scala Application - Real-time Twitter Volume Grapher For Indian Elections 2014

The Indian general elections are around the corner. For software engineers, this time around, there is data to play with and try to predict the outcome. Among all, the data from the social media giants - Twitter and Facebook - is easily accessible for analysis. Though social media may not be the right barometer to judge voter sentiments in a country as big and diverse as India, it is nonetheless a very tempting datasource for anyone curious. So couple of days ago I decided to do a small project - to simply chart the volume of tweets with strings like "modi", "rahul", "kejri" and "india" in it. I thought just a graph of volumes by itself will be interesting to see. So here I present the v1.0 of my Indian-general-elections-social-media-tracker!

Streaming Twitter On Play + Spray Scala App

Working on Scalog I decided to write a quick program couple of days ago to see the super trending twitter hashtag - #ArnabVsRahul. I initially tried to follow the hashtag on TweetDeck but found that the arrival rate of new tweets simply did not allow me to read. Wanted a way to read the tweets page-by-page with each page reloading when I refresh. So wrote a program to do so - A twitter stream listener! And yesterday pushed the code to GitHub and this is a quick post on it. The code itself can be found here.

Folding it the right way

I have been dabbling with Scala for a few months now. And one of the things that strikes me about functional programming is the beauty of the finished code. It sometimes gives me a feeling of being just the right mix of art and science! Gone are the dirty null/empty checking if statements. Gone are the dumb variety for/while loops. I haven't progressed far enough to be using actors but the very thought that variables in my program are not getting mutated while being thrashed across many cores and caches is enough to sometimes give me a high!

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