Real Time Dashboard with Camel ActiveMQ & Dojo... On JBoss7 and using JMS & WebSocket

I have built real-time 'stock-ticker' like dashboards. There are many ways to build them. Few months ago I had the opportunity to design one freshly again for an enterprise product. I did a quick sweep at the different technology stacks that can be used to build a highly scalable (design/code and performance scalability) real-time dashboard. There are many technologies for real-time in the browser (like BlazeDS) that are either outdated or on their way out. I came across this very interesting presentation, code and blog by Charles Moulliard which I found to be a very exciting design. So I sat down to extend what Charles had done to suit my usecase. I would recommend this nice book by Apress as a good introduction to the subject of WebSockets. But before getting to the real usecase and seeing why use Camel or ActiveMQ, here is a quick primer to the different techniques one could use to build a real-time dashboard.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

For the last couple of years I have been in search of theories in Data Visualization. Educate myself on the fundamentals. My search has taken me to many books and blogs. But none as remarkable as Edward Tufte book seminal work on the subject. This is a short refresher of the core concepts. Even as I write for myself, it may be of some use to a passing busy programmer.

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