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Streaming Twitter On Play + Spray Scala App

Working on Scalog I decided to write a quick program couple of days ago to see the super trending twitter hashtag - #ArnabVsRahul. I initially tried to follow the hashtag on TweetDeck but found that the arrival rate of new tweets simply did not allow me to read. Wanted a way to read the tweets page-by-page with each page reloading when I refresh. So wrote a program to do so - A twitter stream listener! And yesterday pushed the code to GitHub and this is a quick post on it. The code itself can be found here.

Am building Scalog using Play2! framework in Scala. The blog hosted on Heroku can be accessed by this link - The blog itself is just a Scala replica of my Jekyll and NodeJS blogs. Nothing special in the blog part.

To listen to the tweets I use Spray’s HTTP actor listeners. The Spray HTTP client connects to Twitter’s stream service URL and waits for the chunked responses on a persistent connection. Every new tweet arrives as a chunk. I simply push the tweets to a ByteArrayStream and read it later in Play’s streaming to send it to a requesting browser.

My twitter streamer can be accessed by using this link stub - followed by the term to search. For example to read tweets with ArnabVsRahul one will have to use the URL -

The URL needs to refreshed once for the streaming to actually begin. The first access returns no data just as a check. And not necessarily all search strings will produce results - so its better to search for permanently high trending strings like “india” in case you see no data.

This blog came in handy while trying to understand how to stream twitter data using Spray’s HTTP client’s capabilities.

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